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Now you can earn even more money by letting us promote your Premium Videos. Turn your sexual prowess into pure profit and let your sex appeal work for you! We want to improve your traffic as much as possible, and to do that, we decided on uploading Premium Videos to high traffic websites. Watch as your videos reach a worldwide audience, gaining you more traffic and more loyal members.  All you need to do is upload a video, allow us to promote it and then sit back and watch as your content works for you.

Do not worry about your privacy, we will have the option of country banning your videos.

Video Guide

Why is this good for you?

  • Get instant exposure to millions of visitors every day
  • Much more traffic
  • Convert viewers to loyal, returning clients
  • Build your own brand
  • Start your erotic career with a bang!

How does it work?

It’s extremely easy! Only 4 simple steps needed.

  1. Upload video
  2. Allow for promotion 
  3. Get more traffic
  4. Make more money


  • Content should be good quality (not a recorded private show)
  • Real, live, explicit action
  • Videos are expected to be at least 5 minutes long.
  • The videos should be as interactive as possible.
  • DO NOT brand items with the LiveJasmin logo in these videos. Also please avoid showing actual brand names in the videos (Coca-Cola™, Sony™, etc).
  • Only registered LiveJasmin models are allowed to perform in the videos.
  • Please note that any other video materials that were created or are owned by someone else, including any kind of stock videos and video game recordings as well, will disqualify your submission due to copyright infringement.
  • Only internally licensed music is allowed. Please use music from the Music Library only

Helpful Tips and Advice


  • Videos are recommended to have a topic and/or story, and not just simply feature masturbation
  • Use various sex toys, sexy clothes and accessories, as many as possible
  • Make sure your video’s audio is audible and clear
  • Shoot carried scenes (not the same setting for each video)
  • Various poses during the actual sexual activity
  • Try to avoid showing orgasms. Leave that for the private sessions with your members. However, the video should contain explicit content and action.
  • If possible, talk directly to the camera, ask the viewers and create a conversation
  • Be natural, don’t force acting

Recommended screenplay

Every video may have an intro or prelude (optional), but don’t make it too long, max. 1-2 min. Try to make it as interactive as possible so your viewers don’t get bored.


  • Get your viewers involved, look into the camera and talk to them seductively 
  • Introduce the plot of the video, tease the viewers both verbally and physically (touching, rubbing, caressing yourself), tell them why and how horny you are, etc.
  • Bring up a topic or a theme your viewers would be interested in to watch and then show them how it’s done properly
  • If you decide not to talk, introduce the theme of the video by acting: e.g. you are getting a car ride from a friend, taking a shower with your best girlfriend, you get a new sex toy delivered and you try it, party in the kitchen, masturbating on the terrace by the pool, etc. 
  • Be sexy even from the beginning, don’t make the viewers wait. Wear something sexy or even start stripping at the very beginning

Getting into action

  • 7-8 minutes of explicit action is absolutely necessary for a 10 minute long video
  • Expose yourself to the camera fully, show your boobs, butt, private parts and tease the viewers with whatever poses you can
  • When it comes to real action, switch between poses. Different poses excite different viewers
  • If you are the only model featured in the video try to involve the users as much as you can (using POV camera shots)
  • Use different toys, be creative and drive the viewers wild with the tricks you can show them

Keep up the suspense but don’t let the viewers see the big finish or see you climax – use this suspense to make them go to your LiveJasmin Channel and have a private with you.

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