Violation and Penalty system

We have introduced new guidelines, along with a list of rules and regulations, and additional details about violations. You will find a “non-exhaustive ” list of many violations below. These guidelines aim to ensure a safer and more comfortable experience for both our users and performers.

Studio owners are responsible for the activities of their Models. Therefore, Studio owners may be banned from the site due to illegal content provided by their Models. 

Major violations

Major violations may lead to immediate account closure and the Model may be banned from the site. Studio owners are responsible for the activities of their Models. Therefore, Studio owners may be banned from the site due to illegal content provided by their Models.

Underage Content

LiveJasmin has a zero-tolerance policy towards any type of underage content. Such violations will result in an immediate ban from the website.

Underage person appears in the camera image

If an underage (or underage-looking) person appears in the camera image, all corresponding Model accounts will immediately be closed, and the Model will never be able register on the site again.

Providing show to an underage person

Doing a show for a person who claims to be younger than 18 years of age shall result in immediate and permanent account closure. The same rule applies if the user mentions that there is an underage person present on the receiving end.

The models must reject performing shows for underage users and immediately report any related issues via the Support Chat.

Performers who violate this rule will have their accounts closed.

Discussing underage content

It is absolutely prohibited to pretend to be below the legal age, or teenage in conversations in which either party talks about minors in a sexual manner.

Performers who violate this rule will have their accounts closed.

These standards cover the regulations that control the creation, sharing, and publication of content. They are designed in such a way to ensure that all content on our site is appropriate, lawful, and legal.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Material:

Any form of underage sexual activity is strictly prohibited, including „virtual child pornography” or „pseudo child pornography”: a person appearing to be a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct or realistic images representing a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

In case of evidence indicating that any registered Performer/Studio is involved in child exploitation, LiveJasmin will terminate the Service Agreement, report it to the respective child protection organization, and immediately contact criminal authorities.

Human trafficking, forced labor:

LiveJasmin has zero tolerance towards any form of human trafficking involving the illegal transport of individuals by force or deception for the purpose of labor, sexual exploitation, or activities in which others benefit financially.

Non-consensual sexual activities:

LiveJasmin prohibits any non-consensual activities committed by physical force, coercion, threat, or intimidation including situations where the victim is unable to consent because they are physically helpless or mentally incapacitated due to drug or alcohol consumption, or is unconscious, regardless of whether the consumption was with the victim’s consent. 

Violent contents including self-harm:

Violent or extreme content including using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, choking oneself, self-harm or talking about such actions is against the site rules. Showing or mimicking blood is also prohibited.

Prostitution and escorting activities: 

LiveJasmin prohibits any activities – attempted or successful – linked to prostitution, escorting, or other in-person meetings between Models (and/or Studios) and Members (and/or Guests).

Propaganda, hate speech verbal abuse, discrimination:

LiveJasmin prohibits any illegal, harmful, obscene, hateful, racial, or any other objectionable content (such as defamatory, abusive, threatening, racially offensive, political contents).  Any attempt to display offensive text material including a celebrity name is also against the site rules.


Any activity of engaging in sexual relations with an animal is prohibited. Bestiality, demonstration of animals in sexual acts is against the rules. Any text material that suggest bestiality or zoophilia is also prohibited.

Prohibited conducts: 

Any type of incest content is against the rules. Any attempt to display text material that suggests pedophilia, adolescence, referring to elimination or consumption of any body waste or implying words that are unacceptable by the standards of good taste will lead to immediate and permanent closure of the concerned account.

Infringement of intellectual property (IP) rights: 

Any content violating intellectual property rights is against the site rules. LiveJasmin removes any infringing content and disables and/or terminates the accounts of the Models who infringe the applicable laws and/or the intellectual property rights of third parties.

The following are not allowed to appear under any circumstances on your camera feed and room:

  • Drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Blood
  • Offensive content or hate speech
  • Offering or accepting escort services
  • Brutality (includes using or pretending to use sharp objects like knives, choking oneself, or talking about such actions)
  • Bestiality (having sex with animals – this includes pretending or talking about such actions)
  • Incest roleplay (includes talking about such relationships)
  • Political/controversial content is not allowed
  • Body waste
  • Doxing
  • Extortion, blackmailing, scamming 

Online fraud, also known as cybercrime, covers all crimes that:

  • take place online,
  • are committed using computers, or
  • are assisted by online technology

Any criminal or fraudulent activities involving or carried out via our products or services are prohibited. Any portrayal, endorsement, or support for unlawful conduct in any form is prohibited.


All forms of malicious and/or unsolicited messages, content or activities violating relevant laws and regulations such as the ePrivacy Directive.

Unverified performers

Persons depicted in content or participating in sexual activities, particularly in live services – where such risks are inherent and require comprehensive real-time monitoring and interference for successful prevention and mitigation – are not verified according to relevant KYC policies and procedures.

Scam promotion

Content designed to trick users into divulging credentials, personal information, or financial details is prohibited. Content that promotes scams, such as pyramid schemes or fraudulent investment opportunities.

Identity Theft

Assuming another’s identity, such as creating a platform account with someone else’s personal details or impersonating a celebrity to engage with fans fraudulently. An impostor might upload content under a false name to request donations or disseminate false information.

Content Hijacking

Unauthorized access and exploitation of a user’s content-centric account. Perpetrators commandeer accounts to misappropriate or leak original content, or to broadcast nefarious material under a false identity. This form of digital piracy can result in the spread of disinformation, intellectual property theft, and tarnishing the legitimate owner’s reputation. It is a deliberate breach, undermining trust, and security within digital communities.

Account Hijacking

Related to the above, any form of usage, including utilizing the saved payment method to purchase Credits or spending the Credits (balance) of paying user accounts either with or without the user’s consent is strictly forbidden.

Performers should not share  their user accounts or personal payment information with paying users.

Fraud related to our features & contests

Abusing contests, awards, promotional offers and other sites features, violating the rules and terms to realize an unfair advantage or earn unjustified gains.  Coordinating efforts with third parties to generate fraudulent income by abusing the promotional offers to end users.

Outside contact / Exchange of personal contact information

Giving and receiving personal contact information (Phone number, E-mail address, any ID for third party communication software (Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.)) is strictly forbidden. Performers must never provide such information to users and make a clearly communicated effort to decline such information when offered by the same.

Real-life meet / Escort

Any type of contact with users outside of our platform is strictly forbidden, this is especially true for meetings that take place in a non-virtual setting. Arranging and participating in such meetings is a severe violation of the website’s rules and is grounds for immediate and permanent closure of user accounts.

Exchange of payment information

Giving and receiving any information (Credit card details, PayPal address, Bank account numbers, etc.) that could facilitate payments outside of our platform is prohibited. Performers must never provide such information to users and make a clearly communicated effort to decline such information when offered by the same.

Asking for funds inside or out the platform

Asking for funds (Credits) in the form of surprises or any action with a set Credit cost from users directly is forbidden. Requesting the transfer of real currency from users is also forbidden.

Self-promotion on outside platform

Using any websites operated by to promote user content on any other website not operated by the same is forbidden.

Ban evasion

Users permanently suspended from working on our websites by the Website Operator must not attempt to re-register using identification documents belonging to another or by using forgeries.

Giving account access to third parties for the purpose of work

Any person who wishes to participate in working with us by creating an online streaming account must go through a verification process during which their identity is confirmed. Only persons who have been approved by the Website Operators and are specifically registered to be the account owner are allowed to access and go online with the purpose of streaming from their respective accounts. Giving account access to or sharing account access with an unregistered person (regardless of them having an approved account on the website) without the express, prior written approval of the Website Operator is forbidden.


Self-spending is the activity of using a paying user account to spend credits on one’s own performer account, or that of a close friend, relative or acquaintance. This is forbidden and may result in an official investigation in case the amount is outstanding enough to be considered possible money laundering activities.

Exchanging, giving out, asking for, or accepting personal and contact information is prohibited on our site. Due to severity of the violation it leads to the immediate ban on the site.

This includes the exchange of

  • real names
  • addresses
  • messenger IDs
  • phone numbers
  • email addresses
  • social networking site contacts

Keeping communication within the LiveJasmin system is for your own protection and financial interest. LiveJasmin keeps information safe and secure.

If you receive such requests from your customers, you must refuse them plainly.

We suggest the use of the following built-in tools to keep in touch with your customers.

  • Messages
  • Wall
  • My Content notes

All accounts will be suspended for at least 24 hours. During this time you cannot register new accounts.

Please note that in order to activate a Model account, we should identify the unregistered person first.

If a Model does not cooperate in identifying of unregistered person within set period of time, all of his/her accounts will be closed and a Model cannot register new accounts again.

Identification of unregistered person is required to make sure that person is in legal age and is not restricted to perform on our site in the past.

After suspension period is over and the identification of unregistered person is successful, please contact our Support Chat with a live camera feed to confirm all registered persons’ identities to lift the suspension.

Keep in mind that all incomes earned by involving unregistered persons will be deducted, because we are in partnership only with the registered account owners.

If the violation recurs, the Model will not be allowed re-register.

Talking about other web services is not permitted on LiveJasmin. Advertising or promoting third party services or other websites during your time on LiveJasmin is strictly forbidden. We offer you wide range of tools for promoting yourself. Our aim is a prosperous cooperation. Let’s respect each other and our common goal!

In case of “Promoting other websites” penalty, all of your accounts will be suspended for minimum 24 hours. After that period, please contact our Online Support Chat to open your accounts. Promoting other websites that goes against our code and content standards shall result in an immediate ban from the website.

In this case, all related accounts will be closed, and all earnings will be withdrawn.

LiveJasmin is a live online adult video chat site, it’s especially important for models to always provide live content.

Intentionally cheating the system and customers by using pre-recorded streams is a serious violation of the policy of the site.

Minor violations

The type of violations listed below shall result in the following order of severe sanctions:

Additional notes:

  • Minor penalties expire after 30 days.
  • Accounts are not automatically reactivated after suspension. Please contact our Online Support to reactivate them.
Sexually explicit content in Free Chat in every category

Showing sexually explicit content in the Free Chat or Non-Nude areas is prohibited according to site rules. Everyone can see you in the Free Chat area. Therefore the following elements are strictly prohibited

  • Nudity or partial nudity (You have to assure that your private body parts are never visible. Covering your genitals with your hands is not sufficient. Nudity is not allowed even in exchange for Tips and Surprises.)
  • Using toys (oral sex or playing with them even trough underwear, touching your toys in a provocative way)
    • Usage of Interactive toy is allowed as long as genitals are not visible
  • Transparent clothes are allowed as long as genitals are properly covered under it
  • Touching your genitals (even through underwear)
  • Any kind of sexually explicit activity (oral sex, masturbation, etc.)
  • Masturbate, even if it isn’t visible in the feed
  • Topless for females and transgenders

Even if you receive a Surprise, the actions described above are still prohibited in the Free Chat area.

Please keep in mind that if you show everything in Free Chat, Members are less likely to take you to Private chat because they’ve already seen for free everything they want.

If you would like to show explicit material or start a performance, please switch to Member Chat or invite members to Private Chat.

If you repeatedly violate this rule, all of the accounts may be suspended or even closed by Support and you will be restricted from registering new accounts.

Why is it important to remain visible at all times?

Members are going to visit your room for fun and company. If you let them get bored in your room and you leave your chat completely unattended even for few seconds, they will leave your room. You may lose precious privates and money if you are not present!

Pay attention to the following things:

  • Remain visible at all times.
  • If you need to leave, you should sign off.
  • The best if you have your toys and accessories in easy distance, that way you would not need to leave the chat unattended to fetch them from an other room.
  • Your face should be visible all the time
  • visible body parts only (hand, leg) considered leaving the camera

If you repeatedly violate this rule, all of the accounts may be suspended or even closed by Support and you will be restricted from registering new accounts.

Please remember that all of the registered models have to be visible in the camera image at all times.

If one of partners need to leave, please log out for that time.

If you don’t log out, members might feel disappointed and you will have less of a chance to be taken to private chat. Remember, visitors are here to see a couple not just individuals. For solo performances we have separate categories (Girl, Boy, Mature, Fetish etc….) which you may use when you are alone.

Getting a private show is not easy. It’s not enough to simply be in Free Chat. Your customers must see that you are eager to be in private with them, they need your full attention.

Using a Phone

If you are on your phone, customers may leave your room and look for models who appear available.

Such activities are allowed in Member Chat area, where your camera feed is not visible to visitors.


Eating in the Free Chat area is not a good way to get a private show.

If you are in the middle of your meal, it’s just simply unattractive. Again, you look busy and unconcerned.

Such activities are allowed in Member Chat area, where your camera feed is not visible to visitors.

Sleeping non-responsive to user

While you are in the Free chat, you should be active and respond to visitors. Sleeping, reading, being inactive while you are online is prohibited.

We kindly suggest you to go offline and take a rest if you need it.

Be Active

  • Pay attention to customers.
  • Always be active online.
  • Be talkative and nice. Try to respond and react to customers’ request.
  • To make a good impression, try to be friendly and keep smiling. You can attract a lot more visitors with this attitude.

Try to find a common topic. You can build a better relationship with your customers if you excite their interest making a good impression.


Fulfilling Members’ Requests

  • During private sessions you need to fulfill the members’ requests according to your willingness list.
  • Performers registered in the nude category need to engage in nudity and are required to follow the customers’ requests during private sessions.
  • Be attentive during private sessions. Do not miss the exact wishes that you may have agreed upon either prior tor during a private session.

In Time

  • Try to fulfill the wishes of members in time.
  • Following the instructions of a member as soon as you can is in your interest.
  • Please keep in mind that a satisfied member may return to your room for more private shows.

The best way to earn money and keep your customers in your room is a quality private show. Asking members for additional money might be considered as a pushy and offensive sign in their eyes.

Please note that transaction attempts outside of LiveJasmin’s system can be dangerous and we cannot take any responsibility for a possible incident.

Please do not ask for a Surprise or a Tip from members in exchange for Free Chat nude shows, because these violate the rules of Free Chat and will be penalized. Members may also consider it pushy and offensive.

With the help of the Earn More section in your Model Center, you are able to boost your income without extra effort.

The accounts on LiveJasmin are to be used only by registered account owners who have registered with valid government issued identification documents and photos.

Please do not let other people appear in your shot even for a short period of time, by accident, or for Members’ requests.

Please note that members are looking for the exact models who appear on bio pages, so another person in the camera feed might cause misunderstanding and inconvenience. Sharing your account with others can also comprise a security risk.

If a Member ask you to perform with other people or with your partner, you should refuse these kind of requests.

When registering a new account, all models have to provide registration documents and photo portraits.

Please pay special attention to abide by this rule to avoid penalties.


If it is clearly established that an unregistered person is using the account, we are forced to take more stringent actions – See Unregistered person using the account penalty.

Visitors will be more interested in you and your show, if you have a beautiful profile picture. Since the profile picture are one of the best ways tget visitor’s attention before they enter your room, it is important for Performers to be fully recognizable in the pictures.

If you upload an other person’s images to introduce yourself, it will disappoint visitors when they enter your room and see a totally different Model.

In case you upload images where you are not present, LiveJasmin will issue penalties and may suspend your account.

A good attitude towards the Members will not only help you avoid the penalties, but also attract more private sessions as well as surprises for you.

Upon rightful complaints our Support Staff is forced to take more serious actions. This includes being rude at Members outside of roleplay, kicking them out of Private chat, deliberately ignoring them etc.

We count on your co-operation.

Other minor violations

The type of violations listed below shall result in restriction/ suspension. Accounts are not automatically reactivated. Please contact our Online Support to reactivate them.

Being Online with inappropriate camera quality

The basis for quality private shows is an appropriate camera image. Our valued members are seeking the best quality service regarding camera feeds and images. This is why they choose LiveJasmin.

Having inadequate image quality will result in the immediate suspension of your accounts if we are not able to improve it with the tools at our disposal.

Please note that we cannot reactivate your account until we experience improvement in the quality of your camera feed.

As a first step, you should make sure your technical equipment is in line with our requirements. If your equipment adheres tour requirements, please contact our Online Support Chat where we can check your feed quality.

Site administrators may contact you anytime via Private Chat while you are online. The reasons for contacting you might various:

  • Providing technical help
  • Giving useful advice
  • Information about temporary site related problems
  • Information about member feedbacks
  • Calling your attention to the rules
  • For identification

Since administrators will only contact you when it’s important, please don’t close the chat or refuse to communicate with them. They are contacting you to provide personal assistance. Closing the chat, refusing to communicate and not paying attention leads to the suspension of your accounts, until you visit our Live Support chat to finish the conversation with our Admin Team.

Please also keep in mind that being rude or arrogant with our support staff (admins) in our Online Support Chat Room, via e-mail, or during a regular admin chat session (for inquiries or violation notices) is prohibited and may also carry account suspension.

In order to avoid confusion or dissatisfaction, we check every single model during the registration and place them in the appropriate categories according their biological sex and willingness.

Please don’t register in a category which features models from a sex other than your own. Don’t intentionally mislead customers regarding your biological sex.

Performing in the Correct Category

LiveJasmin has several categories which fit your biological sex and performance style.

Female models are allowed only in the following categories:

  • Girl
  • Mature
  • Hot flirt
  • Fetish
  • Soul mates (non-nude)

Male models are allowed only in Gay category.

Transgendered models are allowed only in the following category

  • Transgender

In case you have registered the wrong category by mistake or you wish to change your current one, you need to contact the administrators at our Online Support Chat. They will offer you help and change your category for you.

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