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LiveJasmin has categories to suit everyone with different performing styles. Categories have their own rules and expected performing styles. Below is a list with information about each, so that you can have the best possible experience.

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Nude Categories

 “Where desires meet”

  • Girl’ – Our most popular category, a single woman may register here.
  • Mature Female’ – category for 30+ year old solo ladies.
  • Fetish’ – In this area, Models should be prepared to satisfy special needs and demands. Dominatrices are expected here with the appropriate fetish accessories.
  • Gay’ – this category is for solo male performers, ready for action.
  • Transgender’ – shemale, hermaphrodite, or transsexual Model can register here. It is a solo account
  • Straight Couple’ – A male and a female performers wins members’ heart
  • Lesbian Couple’ – Two female performers with profound desires

    In order to create couple, you must open Studio account first. After, you can add the people who will work under the couple account.

Performers in the Nude categories, as the title suggests, are obligated to satisfy the customers’ requests about nude content during a Private session, according to their Willingness list. There are some prohibited materials however, which they must always reject and report to Customer Support.
  • As long as you are in Free Chat, you should still avoid showing explicit content, so that Members are more likely to want more in Private.
  • When you choose your outfit, please pay attention to transparent clothing materials, make sure your genitals are properly covered
  • In these categories you can use your sexiest outfits, show off your most seductive side, only try to keep it Glamorous.
You may see examples below of the right appearance in Free Chat (See more under the Audio Video Rating Guide here):


Territory for the special needs”

Appearance – We have three main requirements from our Fetish Models, in order to keep the impression.

  • Outfit: Dark colored Fetish garment (red, black, purple latex, leather, spandex, pvc, corset, fishnet, stockings, zippers, belts, uniforms etc.)
  • Accessories: chain, wrist or ankle cuffs, high heels, locks, rings, gothic chair, jewelry, etc.
  • Background: with the above mentioned colors and accessories, with suitable lights and shapes

In order to perform in this category, all the above mentioned criteria must be met. Since Fetish is a Nude category, all the nude category rules apply in addition to these.

You may see some examples below of the right appearance in Free Chat (See more under the Audio Video Rating Guide here):


Hot Flirt

“In Hot Flirt category Members expect to be seduced, such as during a night out in the club”

Appearance – In free chat area you should avoid exposing yourself in a sexually provocative way. 

  • In Hot Flirt category it is suggested to make a “Girl Next Door” impression, who is having a great time. The content during private chat however is between the model and the paying customer. It is up to you, what you show to the member during a Private session.
  • Please note that fake promises are still against the rules, so do not say anything that you would not do later.
  • Violating the rules regarding nudity in free chat area may cause your category to be changed to Nude, so please pay attention while you are teasing your visitors.
  • Your outfit should give a neat, flirty but stylish effect. Short skirts and cleavages are accepted, but lingerie, laces and directly sexual, provocative clothing or posing is not allowed.
  • It is important that the environment must be organized and clean.

You may see some examples below of the right appearance in Free Chat (See more under the Audio Video Rating Guide here):


Soul Mate

“Express yourself”

In this category we are looking for the impression of a best friend whom they can talk to about whatever they want. Ask Members many questions and let them talk about themselves too.

Show interest in your visitors, ask them questions and let them talk about themselves. Share your stories together and build a lasting friendship.

Uploaded content and the Model’s account name may not contain or refer to pornographic content. This includes written text in My Content notes and Introduction page.


  • In this category you should attract the visitors attention with your personality and your talkative, nice attitude, instead of your body.
  • The outfit should be elegant, stylish, something that reflects your personality. Since first impressions are still very important, try to also “speak” with your outfit to showcase your interesting personality. This is especially important here, because this category is for deep talks.
  • In these categories the dress code is stricter. Appearing in underwear is prohibited in free chat, it should not reflect any kind of sexual tease, or be provocative in nature.
  • It is also essential to have a tasteful background that is in accordance with your category.
  • It may be important to choose a camera angle that is focusing on your face and your upper body, since this category is more for talking, and sharing your thoughts with each other.
  • Consider not showing a bed in the camera image, as to not steer the conversation to pornographic requests from the Member.


This is a list of possibilities that Models can offer in a Private session.  The wider ranging a performers’ ‘Willingness’ list is, the higher chance they will have of getting the customers’ attention. It is important to regularly refresh this list, and to always verify that the stated extras will be provided if asked. The Members’ satisfaction is the key to Performers’ success.

Members can always check a Model’s ‘Willingness’ list before entering a Private chat room, since this way misunderstandings can surely be avoided. Customers should always state their requests according to the below listed features, in accordance with the site/category rules.

Be mindful of filling out your Willingness. Selecting something that you cannot provide may cause your shows to be subject for refunds in case of complaints. Only select those that you are willing to give.

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