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Service Quality Improvement


Besides the excellent camera image quality, the Models’ appearance is a very important factor for clients. The appropriate design greatly helps to attract new customers, and your existing clients would be more likely to come back to you.

Therefore, LiveJasmin gives you all assistance to succeed in creating the ideal environment for you.


Self-expression and quality. Be unique, enchant your visitors with your personality, and of course pay attention to present all of these tastefully.

Strive to keep a sophisticated appearance in regards your clothes and your other accessories, since the customers firstly decide to join your room on the basis of your image and the overall impression.

We cannot emphasize enough how important profile pictures are. As the saying goes, “There are no second first impressions”.

Keep your environment attractive and tidy, providing an ideal environment for your work.

Focus on how you communicate with your clients in free and private chat as well. The point is the professional attitude. Stay always respectful and do all that your visitors enjoy themselves at you.

Remember to have fun. Visitors can tell if you are happy or sad, and they love Models who engage them.

Take the time to maintain and update your account, keeping it always interesting and exciting. Upload new pictures frequently, update the Personal information in your Profile and your Willingness List, answer your clients’ messages and message those you had not heard about for a while. Check out what other options you have to improve your profile page and earn more. Activity is the key to success, spend much time online and use this time well. 

Be online with sound, some music may be played quietly in the background, which may assure the basic mood in your room. Make sure that the music is not too loud, because it can be disturbing, and if it is possible, do not let any other source of noise to be present around you (air-conditioner, street noise, other people). It is not advised to listen to TV or Radio shows as well as non-English music.


Keep your environment clean and comfortable while making it tempting to create the perfect atmosphere for your shows.

It is advisable to provide from your bedroom or your living room, but if you have the possibility you can work even from more extreme locations (bathroom, office or garden).

It is important to have a spacious and comfortable area around you, that impresses your customers. The work will be more comfortable for you and your visitors will feel your professionalism. Use pillows, comfortable armchairs or a bed. Avoid small, enclosed spaces or corners, those may create a confined feeling.

Use interesting and colorful tools and objects to avoid having a bleak background. A few plants, pictures on the wall, colorful pillows or toys can be very helpful in this. Cover the distracting background elements with a curtain or change the camera angle, and always keep order around yourself.

Good lighting is very important, since it can significantly enhance the overall impression of your room. It is better to use indoor lighting, from multiple light sources. The light should not come from behind of your back, since it can blind the camera. Make sure it is neither too bright, nor too dark in your room.


Pay attention to always bring the most attention to your most advantageous parts. If you have beautiful legs, wear high-heels, if you have nice and thick hair, do not hide it!

The smile is the flirting signal that attracts the attention. It is not enough to smile only with your mouth, but smiles with your eyes too.

Position your camera in a way to be clearly visible all the time, at or below eye-level. Squatting with spread legs, sitting astride, and being only partly visible are not attractive at all.

Invest in high-heels because it can turn on many of the visitors. Wear one even when you are lying on the bed, it makes your appearance sexier and your outfit more sophisticated.


Dress up for seduction. What you would consider extravagant on the street, you can wear for your online dates. It is worth to consider three main aspects when designing your appearance: your category, your own personal style and physical talents.

If you want to be tempting, a sexy lingerie or a mini dress is recommended. For the more conservative ones, elegant blouses, cut-out dresses and tops are recommended. For the sporty Models, gymnastic dresses or tight athletes jeans.

Use strong colors and mix them within your clothing. Do not forget the large, prominent jewelry. A large pendant, long earrings or a ring may help to emerge from the crowd. The ebony Models may effectively use powerful neon colors, since these are very prominent on them.

It also advised to present several types of clothing or keeping them nearby and vary them. You can even organize “thematic days” with various costumes and accessories (latex clothes, nurse, secretary, police officer).

For ladies
A wide range of lingerie selection is at your disposal.

Sexy Accessories: Nipple patch, girdles, body stocking, tattoos, gloves, transparent lace or silk robes.

For gentlemen
A tight t-shirt or a silk shirt for the ones who prefer the elegance can be very tempting as well. A suit and a tie looks excellent too.

Avoid to wear the following things, since they look bad in the camera: thin striped clothes (they cause camera interfere), silicone bra straps (bad glitch), tightly woven stockings, especially in contrasting colors from your skin (interference as well), large one-colored clothes (blob effect). With these you can completely ruin an otherwise impressive quality camera picture.


Here we would like to offer some useful pieces of advice primarily for the ladies. 

It is recommended to use stronger make-up then the regular street wear, as the camera pales everything slightly.

Use foundation with a color that equally fits well with your face, your neck and your body. To create an innocent impression, use pink, to achieve a trendy style, use orange, and to a “woman of destiny” image use reddish tones.

Contouring and highlighting

Few of us have a perfect face shape, the most desirable shape usually being oval. 

Darker foundation or bronzing powder help mask some features while pearly highlighters bring other features out. Blusher helps to accentuate and give you a healthy glow. 

The following pictures give you a guide to where to shade or highlight your face:

Round face

  • Contour: Sides of jaw temples and neck.
  • Highlight: Center of nose, center of cheeks, chin and forehead.
  • Blush: Just under the cheekbones.

Heart face

  • Contour: Temples and chin.
  • Highlight: Lower cheeks on jawline.
  • Blush: On the cheekbones.

Long face

  • Contour: Forehead by hairline, lower cheeks, chin.
  • Highlight: Above cheekbones and temples.
  • Blush: On the cheekbones.

Oblong face

  • Contour: Sides of jaw and temples.
  • Highlight: Chin, temples and above cheekbones.
  • Blush: On the cheekbones.

Pear face

  • Contour: Sides of jaw and neck.
  • Highlight: Center of nose, center of cheeks, temples.
  • Blush: At the very side of the cheekbones.

Square face

  • Contour: Sides of jaw and templates.
  • Highlight: Center of nose, center of cheeks and chin.
  • Blush: On the sides of cheekbones.


The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

Therefore it is important to emphasize them. In connection with the eyes, the aim is to show them bigger, so it is recommended to use a mascara and emphasize the upper outline with an eye-liner (if you want to reduce, emphasize the lower outline).

Almond eyes

Considered to have “perfect” proportions, any eye technique will work.


Down turned eyes

The focus for this eye shape is to shade “up and out”. Apply liner close to the upper lash line and blend shadow along the socket line in the outer 2/3 of the eyes. Curling lashes and applying mascara can also help to “lift” the eyes.


Protruding eyes

This eye shade has a bulge from the sock to the lash and can be difficult to work with. The best way to shade this eye is to use a medium to dark matte colors as illustrated below.


Close set eyes

Eyes narrower than one eye width are regarded as close set. Use light colors on the inner corners and extend the outer corners using dark colors. Line outer corners and use mascara on them.


Deep set eyes

The eye is deep into the socket with a small mobile lid. Apply light colors on the mobile lid with a deeper cold on and just above the socket line, blending up and out

Hooded eyes

A fold of skin hangs over the socket line. This happens with age. Use matte colors in medium to dark and keep eye make up simple.


For your lips use lip glow, which may be transparent, or one of the tones of the pink or red color. It is wise to apply contour in moderation.

Full lips

Reduce the size by using dark colors inside the red line.


Large top lips

Use lip liner on the dotted red line.


Thin lips

Enlarge lips using tip liner.


Droopy shape

Use lip liner to create slight change in shape. 


Perfect shape

Select colors to emphasize shape.


Winked lips

Use dark and avoid frosty colors.


Flat upper lip

Use lip liner to emphasize top lip.


Be sure that your nails always look nice, since your hands get into the focus a lot. Varnished nails grab the attention much better and make your movements more traceable.

For gentlemen, gel and facial hair offer opportunities. The freshly shaved soft facial skin and the manly bristle equally appealing, just like circle beard or more extreme forms. At the same time, bigger beard is not always beneficial.

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