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Traffic Guide


LiveJasmin is constantly improving its services and we want to support our Models/Partners by providing you important information. We feel it’s important for our Models/Partners to be satisfied with the results of their efforts and performance.

We want to give you a few tips on how to become a successful Model/Partner on our site. Years of experience has helped us collect these tips. The advice will be especially useful for newly registered Models and Partners, but we feel even veterans could do with a few helpful pointers.

Whether a new or an experienced Model, the question is always the same:

How can I improve my traffic?

Everyone already has the tools to do so! We learned the most successful methods to increase your fame and popularity while analyzing our best Models, and we would like to share these techniques with you.

Uploading a Profile picture and other pictures to your My Content is not just a plus, but A MUST, if you want to do better!

An accepted Profile Picture means that your Model account is visible on our sites.

Your pictures must meet the quality standards and technical requirements according to the related category. For more detailed examples, you can check our Wiki guides here:

Never forget, after checking the professional pictures on the site, Members will have high expectations about the Models online. Make sure to keep your appearance as close as possible to your pictures. 

The easiest way to improve your traffic is to have accepted Profile Pictures and a reasonable number of pictures and videos in your My Content. We recommend as many images as possible in your My Content. This will make your account visible, and will also help getting Members interested and curious about you.

LiveJasmin Selection

Complete the given assignments in your Model Center in order to become one of our Selected Models.

Once all the assignments are done, you are on your way to the top! You will become more popular, you can participate in our weekly Awards Game and win fantastic Prizes, and enjoy an elevated listpage position.

Do Members know what I offer in Private?

It is much easier to provide a quality Private session if your Members already know what you offer and that you are the Model that can fulfill their desires. Complete your Willingness list and keep it up to date. 

Creating Videos

We have several extra options that can also help to improve your traffic and income by uploading some sexy, funny or interesting videos, if you take advantage of them. These are our My Contents, Teaser Videos and Story videos. 

We recommend uploading high quality videos that reflect your unique personality and your desires. Please keep in mind that sexual explicit content can only be uploaded in the Premium Content area.

You can shoot professional videos even on a budget. Upload an introductory video of your self to your Free Content area. If you add a few more short videos with different themes, then you are ready to start your own Premium Content area (for which you can get extra income every 2 weeks after subscribers), just remember to keep your subscribers happy with a steady stream of My Content updates.

Two-Way Audio

Keep in mind that a satisfied Member is a returning Member and this feature will increase the quality of your shows. A friendly and warm voice can do wonders and will surely create a comfortable atmosphere in your room. Plus, with this feature, you can improve your income by up to 2 USD/minute.

Am I spending enough time online?

Based on experience and Models’ statistics, we recommend working a minimum of 40 hours/week to earn good money. The more time you spend online, the more Members check you out, take you to Private Chat or decide to return. Models with higher income spend up to 100-120 hours online every period.

  • Exclusivity makes the difference! Spending time online is important, but it is not the key factor. We found that by focusing all your attention and energy on one site is much better than dividing it between several sites. Trust us, your Members will feel the difference.
  • You should invest time and energy into possible future returning clients. According to our statistics, a large percentage of Model income is generated by returning clients.
  • There is no general rule that says which time is the best to be online. You must experiment with different time periods (morning, late night, afternoon) and see which one works the best for you. Please note, having a regular schedule on the site helps you to get more returning Members. You can even post your schedule to your Free My Content so that the members may know when to expect you.

Camera feed – The most important tool for a Cam Model

As you already know, a first impression is made within a few seconds. You should show how happy you are to be here and how willing you are to have a good time. Smiling is the key, so never hesitate to show your beauty and appreciation towards your visitors, whether in Free or in Private chat! Positive attitude and active, teasing, playful behavior is the most eye-catching styles of performance that visitors are into, which can generate Member attention and increase the chances of getting Privates! A welcoming smile and a positive attitude will be the difference between a quick session or a long private.

We found that focusing the camera on a Model’s face had the best feedback from Members. We recommend that 90% of your camera feed should focus on your face and charming smile. Also, looking straight into the camera will give the Members the impression that you are maintaining eye contact and will give your room a more “realistic” atmosphere. Looking straight into the camera will surely give your performance a more exclusive feeling, since the viewers will feel themselves in the center of attention more likely. 

Speak, don’t type, in the Free Chat area. It is essential for Models to use their audio for communication in Private as well as in Free chat, even if they are not perfect in English, since Members very highly appreciate the gesture itself, while sexy accents might be very erotic and attractive. With that, you can answer everyone, create a pleasant atmosphere and pay attention to each Member. Be different from the other Models on the site, because you are truly unique!! 

Even if it is hard to keep up with the Guests, you should try! Every Member started out as a Guest and based on our statistics, 40% of Guests return as Members in the future. They are simply testing out the service first, if they like it, they will buy it. The secret is: conversation, conversation, conversation!

Last but definitely not least you want to offer a crystal clear camera feed that looks and feels natural. For this you must be able to stream in HD quality. Make sure to have our Support colleagues check your video feed and set your camera settings properly.

Offering quality service

Self-expression and quality. Be unique, enchant your visitors with your personality, and of course pay attention to present all of these tastefully. Each Member has special needs and desires and they are all searching for Models that can understand and fulfill those. Write a note about each Member in the JasminCam application to remember the Member’s personality and needs. This way you will know exactly what they expect and what to offer to keep them satisfied. Create a personal bond with your Members and you will see the results

We recommend sending personalized offline messages to your Members. This will help them feel that they are not just traffic in your room, but a person that had all your attention at that moment. The number of Members that you contact is up to you, but the more messages you send, the more chance you have for returning Members and by answering their message you earn more as well.

How I can promote myself better?

My Content – the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Pose, Tease and Talk to your viewers! You will be much more attractive to them if you let them know things about yourself and your behind-the-scenes life! Create your My Content and we guarantee that the Members will notice you! 

Tip: Use separate outfits in different pictures set in as many locations as possible.

Are you a very active person and have a lot of experiences to share with your fans? Does your Model account have its Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, VK and Flickr accounts active and up to date? Promote yourself and keep your members informed about your activities and you will be surprised how much you have in common with them. Please note the rules of the site: promoting other services is not allowed. Use the other platforms instead, to help Members finding you on our site.  



We hope that everything mentioned in this guide will help you when you feel that your traffic could be improved. We left the most important piece of advice for last: HAVE PATIENCE. Whether you are a new Model or an experienced one, all of you have to work with an unpredictable element, the human factor. Always remember this and do not be disappointed if your results are not exactly what you want straight away. Be patient, positive and look to the future. As the old saying goes:

„A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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