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Profile Picture – Fetish


Fetish is a special category when it comes to profile pictures, and the expectations are higher than elsewhere, as here, the Members’ most secret dreams come true.

What should I have in the images?

  • A Fetish outfit is required, strong colors like black or deep red is recommended. Latex works perfectly.
  • A dark colored background is necessary, one that radiates a Fetish atmosphere.
  • Handcuff, whip, chains may appear as part of the decoration 

Fetish category features one to four female Models. As Fetish is a Nude category, the same general rules for Nude categories also apply. Please visit Profile Picture Requirements for more information.

Examples to follow

Below we have provided you with some pictures of Models being in Fetish category that have met our requirements. It is our hope that with the help of these photos you will have a better idea of what we are looking for and understand the visual requirements of Fetish category.

Examples to avoid

The pictures below are not in line with the guidelines and can not be accepted in Fetish category.

The Most Important Fetish Elements

  • Dark colors (red, black, purple) and Animal Print
  • Fetish garment (latex, leather, spandex, pvc, corset, fishnet, stockings, zippers, belts, uniforms etc.)
  • Accessories (chain, wrist or ankle cuffs, high heels, locks, rings, gothic chair, jewelry, toys, ropes etc.)
  • Background (with the above mentioned colors and accessories, with suitable lights and shapes)
  • Strong make up, lipsticks, artificial nails

Main Fetish Styles

There are several Fetish styles. Dominas control the whole show, they are reigning over the visitor, whose only wish to worship them. Domina style is the one we are looking for on LiveJasmin. 

Members here are also looking for different items what could serve their needs. These are masks, leather, latex, lingerie, high heels, and many more. If you have a wide range of one or two of the above mentioned elements you definitely have a higher chance to catch a Member’s attention with such fetish than in case you want to offer everything at the same time. In order to provide a high quality service, we suggest to choose some of the above mentioned things, and improve your offer in that.

Willingness and Bio page

As a Performer in the Fetish category, you may find special willingness options which also refers to your preference. It is important to regularly refresh this list, and to always verify that the stated extras will be provided if asked. By doing so you can avoid inconveniences and your Members will be more satisfied as well to find the Model of their desires.

On your Bio Page you can introduce your fantasy world to the Member, so they may get more detailed picture about the service you can offer to them. These two options are very important to add to your profile so you can avoid misunderstanding in this category, where there’s a very wide range of notions what Members are looking for.

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