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Model Registration under Studio

Video Guide

Creating Model account

Before commencing with the steps below, confirm that the registering person is present during the Account’s creation process. They should be the ones agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, Services Agreement, Privacy-, and Cookie policies personally. 


You can create new performer accounts after completing your Studio account registration. You can start the process by clicking the “Add new Model Profile” button, which only takes a few steps.

Choose a Category and come up with a Display Name. For more detailed information about Categories check here. For more detailed information about Display name check here. You can also set the number of performers working under the account here. Only registered persons may appear under the account while online, and modifications will not be possible later on.

Reminder: While choosing your name please keep in mind, that the name should look like a real person’s name. The account name cannot refer to copyrighted brands, names of celebrities, being a minor, violent acts, offensive words. Please check the Account name policy.

After choosing your category, you may continue your registration. If you already have an accepted Studio Center or other active Model accounts, you only need to click on “Choose myself” or “Choose existing” to select an active individual for the account.

Otherwise click on “Create new” and continue the Model registration with the help of this guide.

In case you wish to create an account for your Model, continue the registration with providing the email address and password for the performer’s account. The new Model should choose his or her unique password. Please make sure to not share this information with anyone.

Email confirmation

You will need to confirm Model’s email address by clicking on the confirmation link, which has been sent to the email address you have provided.

If you did not receive a link, you may resend it by clicking on ”Resend email confirmation”.

If you provided invalid email address, you can change it by clicking on ”change the email address”. Once you provide valid email address, you will receive the confirmation link.

If you do not have access to the registered email address, Model should do it.

Please note that confirmation link is valid for 24 hours. If you do not confirm your email address within this period of time, you will need to resend confirmation link again.

If the account is not confirmed within 30 days, it will be deleted automatically.


After these steps, please continue with the Model’s personal information, similar to how you did earlier when you registered your Studio account.

As the last step the Model should login to the account and accept the Service Agreement.

In case of a Couple account, both Models should give a consent.


When finishing the registration process, our Support Team will review and activate your account. If rejected, you will always receive a notification about the exact reasons for this decision.

In case you try to register a Model account with falsified IDs, your Studio account will be closed and after the second attempt you will not be allowed to have new accounts on our site. The Model account will be closed as well and he/she will not be allowed to have new accounts on our site.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, or you get stuck at any point during the registration, feel free to contact us via our Online Support chat for immediate assistance.

Account statuses

Once you are finish registering the account, you may monitor its status in your Models tab.

Missing data: The registration is incomplete, as data is missing for at least one registered person. Continue filling out the forms by clicking the arrow button.

Pending: The account is being reviewed by the Support Team.

Rejected: The account was reviewed and not accepted. By clicking the “i” button, you may see how you can correct and resubmit the registration.

Active: The registration is approved and ready to go online.

Closed: The account is permanently closed.

During the first three statuses, the Studio may close the account at any time by clicking the “X”. Be careful, as closed accounts cannot be reopened!

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