Harassing Visitors and Fake Admins


In case you are going online with JasminCam you are logged into Free chat area where all visitors, both Guests and Members will be able to see your video feed. Guests will always appear with a name such as guestxxx, where x represents a number, and they write in white. On the other hand, Members have their own, personal usernames, and write in different colors based on their Club Elite rank.

Handling visitors on LiveJasmin

Visitors on expect cheerful behavior from our Models and an enjoyable atmosphere in their rooms, however it happens that visitors are impolite at some point and abuse or offend a Model.


It is hard to define the terms offensive and abusive, but if you feel that a visitor is disrespects you, you may do the following:


  • Take care of your Model profile – Members know you through this text base introduction, the best is that you describe yourself by showing them that you are a real person.
  • Remind them that you are a human as well, and this job is not about acting like a sex machine or a recorded movie, but to promote the live interaction between the Models and their visitors.
  • If all else fails, the best course is always to ignore the offending visitor and to encourage other visitors to take your side.

How does LiveJasmin help to handle problematic visitors?

Kick and Ban function

In order to protect our Models from problematic visitors in their rooms we implemented Kick and Ban functions into JasminCam5.

  • The Kick button boots a visitor from your room but they may come back any time.
  • The Ban button boots a visitor from your room and they cannot come back for 24 hours.

There is an option to select the duration of the ban for Members, you can set the duration according to the seriousness of the Member’s behavior:

Ban duration value can be also selected from a dropdown menu (1hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month). You can select a default duration in JasminCam’s Settings (Menu section on the left), 12 hours is selected by default.

You can turn the “Ban Confirmation” on and off. (While turned off the application will always ban the Member for the duration selected in the Settings):


Note that we suggest these options only in that cases when you can not otherwise handle the offensive or abusive visitors.

Kicking or banning a visitor will not improve the traffic in your room, as you may lose potential customers. Use these functions wisely.

Underage Member appears in your room

Persons who are under 18 years old are not allowed to be anywhere on our site.

If a Member states that he/she is not 18 years old in your room, you must refuse to provide performance and report the case at the Online Support Chat.

Fake Administrators in Free chat

How can one differentiate between real and fake admins ?

Using JasminCam 5, Admins will appear with BLUE nicknames having “(Admin)” written next to their names alongside with a headset icon:


Be aware that the people who contact you in Free Chat and claim to be Admins of the site are fake Admins (cheaters) who impersonate our Admins to take advantage of newly registered and less informed Models.


Examples to fake Admin nicknames:

  • jasminadmin51


Be careful and do not fulfill the requests of these people and do not give out sensitive information to them!

Our Admins never contact you in Free Chat, nor will they ask for a free/premium show on Skype!


If any fake Admins visit your chat room, please contact us immediately at Online Support Chat room to report the issue while staying in Free Chat. Alternatively you may send a screenshot about it to

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