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Video and Audio Rating

What is the rating process?

During the Rating process, we will check the technical side of your stream as well as the overall aesthetics of the room.

The aesthetic appearance of your stream: the overall quality and style (including hair, makeup, attire, room, and decoration) as well as the composition and camera angle.
The quality of the video stream: resolution, continuous stable broadcast quality with clear and sharp picture, along with balanced lighting conditions.

When you are visiting us on the support chat our colleagues will guide you through the process, if there is anything that must be changed or improved they will share every necessary step and information required.

Having the Good video rating increases your earnings by 5% as well as the Good audio rating increases additional 5%.

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Losing the Good rating is only temporary and can be improved with some effort. Instead of changing your room, it’s better to focus on improving your overall conditions to create a more professional and attractive stream. This should be the common goal, and with time and effort, you can achieve the desired result.


To achieve captivating streaming experience for your members, everything from your attire, hair, makeup, and room decoration must work in harmony with each other.

Keep your room attractive and tidy to provide an ideal, spacious work environment. It is recommended to stream from your bedroom or living room.
You can achieve this by using double-bed, comfortable armchairs, or a sofa to create a welcoming atmosphere. Avoid small, enclosed spaces or corners as they may make your visitors feel confined.

Adding interesting and colorful tools and objects to your background can help to avoid a dull and uninteresting look. Plants, pictures on the wall, colorful pillows, or toys can all be helpful in this regard. If there are any distracting elements in your background, you can cover them with a curtain or adjust your camera angle to keep things tidy. When it comes to your appearance, strive for a sophisticated look with your clothing and accessories. Remember, your image is the first thing that customers will notice when deciding whether to join your room or not.

Remember that while setting up desktop streams may be easier, it is important to also create a polished appearance for mobile feeds and display both your surroundings and your figure. Make sure to highlight your best features to grab the attention of your audience. To maintain an attractive appearance, position your camera at or below eye level and avoid squatting, sitting astride, or only partially showing yourself. 

When choosing your outfit, consider your category, personal style, and physical talents. For a seductive look, opt for sexy lingerie or a mini dress. Elegant blouses or cut-out dresses are suitable for those who prefer a more conservative style, while gymnastic dresses or tight athletic jeans are ideal for sporty models.
Avoid wearing thin striped clothes, silicone bra straps, tightly woven stockings or any detailed pattern in the background as they can create interference, glitches, or a blob effect in the video stream.

Last but not least use bold colors and mix them within your clothing. Large, prominent jewelry such as a pendant, long earrings, or a ring can help you stand out. Invest in high heels as they can turn on many of your viewers, and wear them even when lying on the bed to create a sexier appearance. It’s a good idea to have several types of clothing nearby and vary them to keep your audience interested. You can even organize “themed days” with various costumes and accessories such as latex clothes, nurse, secretary, or police officer.

Here you can see some examples of the general appearance expectations for each category:


No matter if you are in a glamorous dress or sexy lingerie, everything about you, your surroundings and what you do resonates a classy, unique style. A spacious room with a tasteful bedroom vibe would create the perfect intimate atmosphere for you and your visitors to have a wonderful time together.


In a stylish and well-designed bedroom that exudes a glamorous and sexy appeal, you’ll be able to showcase your confidence and sensuality like never before. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a daring and provocative style, you can enhance your elegance and femininity with a classy dress or fabulous lingerie that highlights your best features.

Hot Flirt

With a “Girl Next Door” charm and a contagious enthusiasm for the date, an inviting living room or bedroom can set the stage for a fun-filled time together. You can complete the picture by dressing in a playful and flirty outfit that shows some skin but doesn’t cross the line into lingerie territory.

Soul Mate

Put the spotlight on your upper body and face, and let your personality and inviting demeanor shine through to capture your visitors’ attention. Creating a tasteful and cozy environment, paired with a casual yet stylish outfit, can add to the overall appeal.


Display your inner dominatrix as the queen who is ready to take charge and give your visitors an unforgettable experience. Embrace your wild and edgy side by showcasing bold and daring colors in your attire, and accessorize with BDSM tools such as cuffs, whips, chains, and toys to complete the look.


Highlight your well-groomed body and personal style, or opt for a classy and fun outfit that reflects your personality. To enhance the overall ambiance, create a tasteful and stylish setting.


Emphasize your authentic self and showcase your individuality with a sophisticated and elegant appeal that reflects your personal style. Experiment with different makeup looks and outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. 


Transgender category is all about self-expression, inclusivity, and creating a safe and supportive community where everyone is welcome

Straight Couple

Create a romantic and inviting atmosphere in an elegantly decorated bedroom that showcases your love and affection for each other. The double bed can serve as the perfect centerpiece for intimate moments shared together. Make sure that both of you are well visible in the image to convey your connection and chemistry.



Create a sexy and inviting ambiance in a well-decorated and spacious room with a comfortable bed or sofa that allows you both to move and explore freely. Embrace your femininity and sensuality by wearing a skin-showing babydoll or your favorite lingerie, and double the fun with your partner.


For better results on camera, it is suggested to use makeup that is stronger than your regular streetwear as the camera tends to wash out colors. Even if you prefer a natural look, contouring and shading can enhance your features, and you can highlight your favorite part of your face with soft smokey eyes or nude lip colors.

It’s important to choose a foundation that matches the color of your face, neck, and body equally. You can experiment with different makeup styles and colors, but if you want to achieve the most flattering look, determine your makeup season type and use corresponding colors. If you have warm undertones in your skin tone and hair, or if you are a natural redhead, you are classified as either a Spring or an Autumn. If you have a cool undertone and ashy hair with no golden or red highlights, you are either a Summer or a Winter.

Quality and equipment

Having the right technical setup is the most important for a sharp, stable and continuous camera image. If you meet the below mentioned requirements, you are on your way have a good quality stream on our site:

This mainly consists of the camera device, the streaming device (computer or smartphone) and the lighting equipment.

You can find our recommended cameras here and our other technical requirements here.

With proper high resolution, your visitors can see your beauty in it’s fullest! You may choose the following resolutions to fulfill the basic requirement for a 16:9 aspect ratio in high quality video stream:

  • 854×480
  • 1280×720
  • 1920×1080

The higher resolution, the sharper it will look, attracting more visitors. For further help with setting resolutions, see JasminCam Features or contact us on our Online Support chat.

Good lighting is also important to enhance the overall impression of your room. It’s best to use artificial lighting from multiple sources to create an even distribution of light. Avoid having the light behind you, as it can create a foggy or lagging effect on the camera. Make sure the lighting is not too bright or too dim, as this can also affect the quality of your stream.

Proper lighting conditions are essential for a good video stream, but how much lighting is needed will depend on your room’s conditions. The most important is that your room should be lit equally everywhere. You can find further useful information how to set up your lighting here Lighting guide.

Once you are done with above, make sure your camera device’s light and color settings are well adjusted, matching with your lighting environment and color scheme of the room.

Please note that watermarks, appearance altering filters and effects are not acceptable on your video feed.

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