Top Models

We’ve thrilled and ready for another fantastic year on LiveJasmin! 

In 2023, we witnessed incredible talent, and your outstanding performances made our competition truly remarkable. 

This year, we’re placing an emphasis on showcasing your talent by maintaining our Top Model ranking leaderboard. We’re excited to enhance your profile and showcase your talent through our Top Model leaderboard. This means that the top 100 models of the monthly, weekly, and daily leaderboards will enjoy continuous exposure on our site, showcasing your profiles prominently.

Key Benefits for You:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Being in the Top Model ranking guarantees your spot on our monthly, weekly, or daily leaderboard. This means more eyes on your profile and increased opportunities to connect with fans and followers.

  2. Showcase Your Success: Climbing the ranks will not only highlight your skills but also elevate your presence on Livejasmin. The top 100 models will enjoy continuous visibility, allowing you to build a strong and supportive fan base.

  3. Community Spotlight: Being part of the leaderboard is a testament to your talent and popularity within our community. It’s a fantastic way to gain recognition and stand out as a top performer on Livejasmin.

Your success stories deserve to be celebrated, and we’re committed to providing you with further empower you to shine to showcase your talent.

How to be in the Top Models ranking? 

It is as simple as being online from unique and creative locations and earning with our offline features. Say goodbye to the traditional bedroom backdrop; it’s time to venture out and explore exciting new places in the world! For every minute you spend online in a unique location, you’ll earn points that will boost your leaderboard rank.

So, gear up, pick your most creative location, and get ready to appear in Top Models ranking!

Explore the Top Models page to check out the latest rankings on our Top Models leaderboard. Automatically showcasing the monthly top 100 rankings, you can also toggle to view the weekly and daily leaderboards using the options on the page. This means all these talented models featured in the monthly, weekly, and daily top 100 will gain exposure and appear prominently on Livejasmin site.

How can I collect points?

The amount of points you receive is determined by your earnings through online features from diverse locations and your earnings from offline features, such as messenger interactions.

Explore exciting new places around the world! For every minute spent online from different locations, will accumulate points! But remember, you’ll only earn points if you are streaming from places other than your bedroom.

Tips to earn more points

All you need to do is strengthen the bond with your members and be active online from different locations. You’ll soon notice an increase in both earnings and points! 

Be online:

  • Be online from unique and creative locations as much as possible to compete with other models and top the rankings!
  • Go live wherever and whenever you can and keep the experience going; every minute helps you earn extra points!
  • Engage members with features like Private Shows, Video Calls, VIP Shows etc.

Location tips:

  • Special locations captivate our paying members, enticing them with fresh and extraordinary experiences.
  • Add a unique and imaginative twist to your locations to increase your chances to win!
  • If you need inspiration for new streaming locations, try one of these: balcony, terrace, garden, park, bathroom, beach, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, car, public transport, kitchen, restaurant, café, shopping mall, or gym.
  • Feel free to come up with your own locations; the options are unlimited!

Reply to messages:

  • Reply to messages from your members as soon as possible.
  • Fulfill all your members’ desires and engage with new members to increase your earnings!
  • Share photo and video messages to keep your members engaged.

Earn more money: 

  • You gain points automatically for every Credit earned from members, whether you’re online from various locations or receiving offline earnings, such as messenger interactions, offline surprises, etc.
  • Earn points and rise in the rankings by engaging with members in Private Shows, Video Calls, messages, and more!

Keep our mobile streaming tips in mind:

  • Blur your background: Don’t forget to enable background effects when streaming from public spaces to ensure no unregistered people appear on your stream. Find more info about the feature here

  • Test your internet connection: Check if you have a good internet connection before you start streaming.
  • Plan ahead: Prepare your equipment and plan your streaming route in advance. Arriving at a location with everything ready will help you make the most of your time there.
  • Check for background noise: Be mindful of background noise in public spaces. Minimize distractions by choosing a quiet spot, or use a microphone to reduce background noise
  • Lighting matters: Choose locations with good lighting conditions to elevate your stream’s visual quality and make your content more engaging and vibrant.

How can I see my Top Models rank?

You can check your rank and points in real-time by simply logging into your account and navigating to the ‘Performance’ > ‘Traffic Score’ page on the given task.


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