Social media guidelines (META, Twitter, Tik-Tok)

Make social media work for you! 

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but we in the adult industry face even greater obstacles when it comes to social media. Each day, countless social media users in this industry discover that their accounts have been deleted, causing immense frustration.


Last year, several players in the adult industry had their Instagram/Facebook accounts suddenly banned or restricted and this caused a lot of panic. It also had a far-reaching and devastating impact, as social media has become a vital tool for business growth and direct communication with fans and customers.


But alas, censorship can be a daunting challenge. However, rather than just surviving, we can find ways to thrive and tap into lucrative traffic.


Are you ready to unleash your creativity and navigate the interesting world of social media?

META is known to be one of the stricter channels when it comes to adult content, but here’s what you need to know!

What’s banned/ restricted on META:  

  • Exposed nipple/private parts, nude images, sexual activity, sex toys on the body, digital sexual art etc. 
  • Links and CTAs to an adult site (Even if it’s through a link aggregator).
  • Running an ad linked to an adult site/ with a CTA to an adult site. 
  • Promoting activities considered ‘sexual’ such as strip shows, sexual massages, erotic dances etc. 
  • Sharing account passwords. 
  • Running a giveaway which offers some kind of money. 

However, here’s how you can thrive on META whilst enjoying the process:

  • You can keep it sexy while being aesthetic about it : E.g:
  • Feel free to upload fun pool and bikini shots. Lingerie shots work too, but just keep it classy!
  • Post short form videos which celebrate a fun day, focus on your best traits and are fun to watch also create a huge impact on META because reels are ‘in’! 
    Here’s some inspo :
  • Share behind the scenes shots and videos of events because people love seeing what goes on BTS! 
    Here are some examples :
  • The IG algorithm loves educational content, so feel free to jump on that bandwagon and make it fun!
  • Whenever possible, log on to META products through the same desktop/laptop and phone. Multiple logins via different devices can make META suspicious.
  • Turn on 2 factor authentication to secure your account.
  • When you’re doing a ‘collab’ or any kind of partnership, disclose it using the ‘paid partnerships’ tool! 

It’s very important to be careful with sharing sexual/hot content, because there is always a chance that META erases your accounts (Even without a valid reason or even if you think your content is educational)

The good news is that TW is more accepting of adult content and brands as compared to META.

However, Twitter recommends marking your account as sensitive when you share adult content (even hot model pictures/videos) on a regular basis.


Here’s how you do it.


Sensitive media includes (but is not restricted to the following) :

  • Bodily fluids or depiction of them.
  • Full or partial nudity.
  • Simulated sexual acts
  • Sexual intercourse or other sexual acts (also applies to cartoons, hentai, anime etc.)

However, here are still some rules that need to be incorporated on TW:

  • Do not use trademarks of other brands without a prior consent from the right holder(s) (e.g. using the LiveJasmin logo without their authorization)
  • Do not promote the sale of counterfeit goods (E.g : A fake bag, watch etc.) 
  • Do not use a TW ad account to run ads that take the user to an adult account website. TW will automatically ban your ad account., and prevent you from running ads on any other TW accounts that you might have. 

It is also important to remember, that pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content is allowed on TW, as long as this media/ accounts are marked as ‘sensitive’. Doing so provides people who aren’t comfortable with this kind of content with a warning beforehand. 


And since TW is pretty open to adult content, here’s how you have fun with it :

  • Use the pinned tweet option to advertise a current offer, service or high performing TW to target the right audience.
    E.g : We pinned this on International cam model day and it worked wonders! 


  • Collaborate with other models, studios, and partners. because the more people you tag/ collaborate with, the more people on TW see it. Make sure to not spam anyone in the process though.
    E.g : We promoted a show on LiveJasmin with 2 of our models, and it performed very well on TW as follows here.
  • Multiple tweets a day is the norm on TW, so feel free to flaunt what you got! 
  • Always check the TW analytics (Click on ‘More’ then ‘creator studio’ then ‘analytics’).
    It will help you understand what works better on the platform! 

TikTok is a social media channel that has garnered a lot of popularity in the recent past, and we see a variety of people from across the world enjoying this platform.

Here are their official guidelines. However, recently there have been instances of several account bans and hence, we must be extremely careful in not just what we share on TikTok, but also in how we share it.

Here’s what we recommend not doing on TikTok:

  • Avoid posting any form of nudity/ implied sexual content because their community guidelines clearly don’t allow it (link above) 
  • If TikTok bans/removes your video, please take a break on the platform for at least 48 hours, go easy, and don’t create a new account!
    They will find out and you risk your account getting banned! 
  • Do not use trademarks of other brands without a prior consent from the right holder(s) (e.g. using the LiveJasmin logo without our authorization)
  • Do not use copyrighted material without a prior consent from the right holder(s) 
  • Do not promote the sale of counterfeit goods (e.g. Fake bags, watches etc.). 

However, TikTok’s fun, and here’s how you can make the most of it: 

  • Get creative with short form videos that focus on a fun day or a story. Here are some suggestions:
  • Only work with hi-res videos because TikTok does not feature low res videos on their algorithms
  • Use a hook that will immediately catch the audience’s attention. E.g : ‘Don’t do this, Do this instead! or 5 steps to get viral online!’ 
  • Don’t feature QR codes on your videos because TikTok will not feature them in their algorithms either 
  • The hash tagging process is very easy and straightforward on Tik-Tok so use popular hashtags that will help your videos garner a large audience. 
  • A ‘trend’ becomes popular very easily on Tik-Tok so get comfortable with the platform and re-create/hop on the latest trend! 
  • When you’re doing a ‘collab’ or any kind of partnership, disclose it using the branded content tool (Or mention it on your post/caption). 

PS : Content on TikTok first goes through technology that reviews it. If content is identified as a potential violation, it will be automatically removed, or flagged for additional review by their trust & safety team.

Disclaimer : This only a suggestion guide put together by the LiveJasmin team. We don’t hold any responsibility for banned/restricted accounts as META/TW/TikTok have the final say.

For any other questions, please contact our LIVE chat representatives.

Thank you for reading! 

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