MC Messenger

Technical Requirements

  • The Application is available for both Android and iOS devices. Without the store the application cannot be downloaded and installed.
  • It is highly recommended to have the most up to date OS version on your phone. 
  • Certain Huawei phones might not have Play Store available, despite having Android OS. In these cases the app is unavailable.
  • Internet connection: 
    • 800 Kbps ( ~1 Mbps) upload speed

Starting the application, You will be greeted by the following window. Accessing your account is possible either using your Studio or Model account.

Logging in with your Studio account will prompt to select the Model one which you would like to go live with.

  • The account status is also visible here

Once the Model account is selected the applications landing page will show up. Most of the main features of MC Messenger is available from this tab.

Layout and features:

  1. Message filter – Tapping this button will let you sort through your messages. (The options available are Unread, Unanswered and Pinned)
  2. Mass Messages – The function is only available towards paying Members
  3. Video Call – The function can be enabled by tapping the slider. The feature automatically disables if there are two or more missed calls in a row.
  4. Messages – You will be able to check Messages received and sent.
  5. Statistics – Account related statistics 
  6. Camera – Taking photos, record videos, open galery, add a note.
  7. Notification – Account related notifications
  8. Profile – Profile information and going live

Profile and Going Live

Tapping your Profile (8) will show additional account related options:

  • Go Live – Start streaming
  • Edit Profile – Change profile photo, bio
  • Top Models – Check out the latest rankings on our Top Models leaderboard!
  • My Content – You may upload your content in your Model account or by using MC Messenger on both Android and iOS.
  • ≡ (Additional Options) :
    1. Awards
    2. Top Members
    3. Chat with Support – Contact our LiveJasmin Admins
    4. Settings
    5. Terms & Conditions


  • You will be able to select the MC Messenger settings directly after tapping the Profile (8) from the main page then the “” icon from the top right corner of the application.

Change Password

Fan club

  • Boost your income. Keep your biggest members engaged. Grow your personal brand!
  • Fan Club features a recurring subscription method of payment for our members in order to enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • There are 3 different subscription tiers available depending on how much a member wants to pay for special benefits. Member subscriptions are automatically renewed every 30 days. You will receive share from every subscription according to your level in the Level Dependent Payment System.
  • Fan Club is a feature that allows you to gain more members and earn even more money. Invite your members to subscribe to your Fan Club!

Live Stream Settings

  • Action request – With this feature, your Members can send you Credits in exchange for specific actions during your Free Chats. Only for Free Show categories this feature is available during Free Chats and in Private Shows. 
  • Live Show charge – Price per minute your Members pay for having a private chat with you.
  • Surprise Sounds – While enabled surprise sounds will be played, but no more than once every 30 seconds.
  • Chat:
    1. Mute Guests – You will be able to mute Guests
    2. Disable Free Member Chat – By activating this feature Free Members will not be able to send you messages in Free Chat.
  • Cam2Cam:
    1. Cam2Cam price – This is the extra per-minute price a Member must pay to Cam2Cam with you in a Private Show
    2. Blur Member camera – Enabling this option will blur all Member cams in Private Chat. 
  • Ban:
    1. Always use preset ban duration – Enable / Disable
    2. Ban duration – Members will be banned for the selected duration
  • Chat Automation:
    1. Auto-invite for Private – Enabling this, your visitors will receive automatic Private invitations from you.
    2. Auto-invite message – Set a default message for your visitors when they receive the auto-invite

Message options:

  • Message price – Price your followers pay for each message they send you.
  • Read receipt enable / disable – Allowmembers to be notified when you have read their messages.
  • Blur media thumbnails – Enabling this will blur all preview images in your received messages.
  • Blocked Members – List of blocked Members
  • Conversation Bubbles – Your conversations can appear on your home screen while the application is in the background.

Interactive toy

  • Take your Live Streams to the next level with Interactive Toy! The feature on LiveJasmin offers Members something they never had before, true interaction! Members can control the device for an additional fee, giving them a totally new experience and giving you extra earnings! 

Video call function

Going Live

  • Once you started streaming by pressing the Go Live button additional features will be visible.
  • You might be able to find additional guidelines for mobile streaming for the aesthetic and lighting options through our relevant guides as well:

Options while streaming

1. Camera settings – Tapping the “Flip” button will switch your camera between your frontal and backside one. 

2. VIP Show – Reach a massive audience with our VIP Shows. Convince members to join the show. Convert your new audience into loyal, paying fans!


3. Hot Deal – After starting your Hot Deal, you will offer a Private Show discount to Members in your room for 5 minutes. The discount is valid for the entire duration and you will have a timer counting down until the end of your Hot Deal. The Hot Deal ends after 5 minutes and after a 1 hour cool down, you will be able to set another Hot Deal. 

4. Chat related settings:

  • aA – Text chat size
  • Free Chat – You will be visible to everyone who browses through LiveJasmin, and, of course, to those in your room while in the Free Chat area. 
  • Member Chat – This is a “lounge area” designed for You where you can do things that are not allowed in the Free Chat. You may come here to eat, take a phone call, or simply take a break. Also, after your Private Chat ends, the system automatically switches you to back to the Member Chat, to let you prepare (rearrange your clothes, your make-up, etc.) for returning to the Free Chat.
  • ⚙️ – Additional chat related settings (see “Go Live – Live Stream settings above)

Interactive Toy

Let your Members control your excitement!

Take your Live Streams to the next level with Interactive Toy! The feature on LiveJasmin offers Members something they never had before, true interaction! Members can control the device for an additional fee, giving them a totally new experience and giving you extra earnings!

Stand out from the crowd by getting your own toy and attract even more visitors with this service.

Why use Interactive Toy?

  • More Interaction – Offer an exciting experience with an interactive toy. 
  • More Intimacy – Connect with your Members intimately.
  • Increased Income – Earn more with your toy while providing an amazing experience. 

Even though the Interactive toy can be used in the Free Chat and Pre- VIP Show, sexually explicit content is not allowed in these chat areas. 

We support the following devices:

If you don’t have it yet, click HERE to order your own Interactive Toy

How to set up the toy

  • Before tapping Scan Device, always make sure that you have Bluetooth and Location access enabled.
  • If any of these are missing a pop-up option will show up.
  • While your phone is searching for the toy, make sure that it is set into Pairing Mode. (You will be able to set the toy into Pairing Mode by holding the power button on the toy until the LED light starts blinking)
  • The interactive toy will show up as LVS-***
  • Once selected you will be able to see the battery remaining for the toy and you might be able to rename it as well.

Blurred background effect

In case you would like to stream from a public space, for example, a coffee shop or a mall, to avoid unregistered people appearing on your feed enabling the Blurred background effect is required (Available only for iOS users). Here is how to do it:

  1. Go live with MC Messenger
  2. Pull down the Control Center from the top right corner
  3. Click on the top left tile named Effects
  4. Turn on the Portrait mode
  5. Close the Control Center (note, that if you stay on this screen for too long, the app can disconnect your live stream)

If you have any questions, or need help setting up MC Messenger, please contact the Technical support.

Mobile live features

Free Chat

The default status of the online stream; while You are in Free chat, visitors can see your broadcast.
You can switch between Free and Member chat statuses with the slide button in the upper left corner.

Private Chat

When taken to a Private chat, a sound alert will be prompted and the user’s name will show up in a yellow block on top of the screen (see reference picture).

Member Chat

During Member chat, visitors will not be able to see your video feed, however you’ll stay online on the site.

Admin Chat

Only LiveJasmin Admins may initiate the Admin Chat. The text color of the Admin name is Blue.

Please pay attention to the chat and follow instructions of LiveJasmin Admins.

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